The Monday Agenda #1


So, I’ve been looking around for ways to diversify this blog’s contents. I mean, reviews are nice and all, but they’re not all that happen in a reader’s life, right? There’s some planning involved (well, I try to plan ahead. But sometimes a book just begs to be read and I somehow squeeze it in). While I was looking, I found this meme on Bookshelf Fantasies (, and thought it was a great idea.

What Am I Reading?

I’ll start with what I’m currently reading. I never, ever, thought I’d read this, given my dislike of zombies, but I caved and decided to give a chance to Alice In Zombieland. According to Boris, my Kindle, I’m at 58%, so a review of it should be posted soonish (I’m aiming for tomorrow, let’s see how that goes). Even though zombies are involved, they’re not your typical zombies, which I aprreciate a lot.

New Books On The Shelves

In the past few days, I have rediscovered NetGalley, thanks to Boris. It all started when I was told it was pretty easy to send books from NetGalley to a Kindle device and I decided to give it a go. Of course, I got a bit carried away and decided to join Edelweiss as well. After all, books are never too many, especially when they’re digital. I still have some pending requests, but I got approved to some, and here they are (some of them have already been published):


What’s On The Agenda For This Week?

This promises to be a quite busy week. I plan on finishing Alice In Zombieland tonight. If I do, I really, really want to read Defy. On the 8th, I have a buddy read for Death And The Girl Next Door. Then, on the 11th, I have two buddy reads scheduled, one for Gravity and one for Suddenly Royal. If I have some time left this week (I do have a doctor appointment, who know how much waiting time that will entail), I plan on reading either Streaks of Blue or Endless.

Have to say that seeing it written down makes it look like a lot of books! Let’s see if I can manage to read what I’ve planned!

(for some reason, I can’t get the book covers to show. Trying to resolve this issue ASAP)


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