The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen #2)


The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen, #2)

Deep in the shadowy foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies a dying town;

My name is Amelia Gray. They call me The Graveyard Queen. I’ve been commissioned to restore an old cemetery in Asher Falls, South Carolina, but I’m coming to think I have another purpose here.

Why is there a cemetery at the bottom of Bell Lake? Why am I drawn time and again to a hidden grave I’ve discovered in the woods? Something is eating away at the soul of this town, this withering kingdom, and it will only be restored if I can uncover the truth.”

– Taken from Goodreads

This book was most definitely not what I was expecting. In this case, in a bad way.

The first book had only a nice touch of the supernatural, with the main character, Amelia, being able to see ghosts. Here, the whole thing became supernatural. There were witches, demons, and, of course, ghosts. It felt like there were too many supernatural elements in a plot that didn’t really have any space for them. The end result was quite confusing, for me.

I also had a hard time keeping track of all the characters. Maybe it was because I just wanted to finish this book. The one character that stuck with me was, unsurprisingly, the dog, Angus. He was the one character I kept wanting to see. Furthermore, I felt that the graveyard restoration aspect, which was so fascinating in the first book, was left aside so that all the witches and demons could make an appearance.

After this one, I’m not sure I’ll be reading the rest of the series.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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